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52 Charing Cross Rd
London, England, WC2H 0BB
United Kingdom

Suzanne Elisabeth is a jewellery line of ceramic pendants and earrings that are handmade. There for each item is one of a kind.


Ikhaya – Handmade Ceramic Pendant - Blue Oval


Ikhaya – Handmade Ceramic Pendant - Blue Oval

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The designer/maker, Suzanne, loves all things colourful. This is reflected in this brightly painted pendant. It was meticulously hand-painted with underglaze paint, glazed and fired. Being hand-made, no two of her iKhaya Collection are exactly alike.

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Suzanne is from South Africa and draws much of her inspiration from her upbringing in the countryside there.

iKhaya means ‘Home’ in isiZulu. The striking colours of this collection are a reminder of the surrounds and colourful features of Suzanne’s homeland. Many people in the rural lands of Kwa-Zulu Natal paint their houses in bright colours and their washing lines are strung with colourful clothing.

Materials: Parian Porcelain, Sterling Silver Jump Ring, Transparent Stoneware Glaze and Underglaze Paint