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Kensal Rise
London, England,
United Kingdom

Suzanne Elisabeth is a jewellery line of ceramic pendants and earrings that are handmade. There for each item is one of a kind.



The designer/maker of Suzanne Elisabeth Jewellery, Suzanne Smedley wearing her ceramic earrings and pendant.

Suzanne is originally from South Africa but now resides in London, UK.

She began designing and making jewellery in 2010 and has grown it into an international business operating out of her London residence.

Art done with fine detail has been her passion from a young age. She harnessed her creativity by taking art at primary and secondary school where she excelled at painting. Suzanne loves seeing her intricate designs move from a concept to a tangible piece of art. At university, where she studied Psychology and English Literature, she made beaded jewellery with brilliant colours as a creative outlet alongside her studies.

In 2015 Suzanne moved from making beaded jewellery to exploring ceramics. After being given a ceramic pendant as a gift, she decided to try and make one for herself. With the advice from art teachers and email exchanges with many other ceramicists, she began to make ceramic jewellery, learning and gaining experience through trial and error. The improvement she has made as she mastered different techniques is fascinating.

Her creativity has always been inspired by her surrounds, and growing up in South Africa, that meant bright, brilliant colours. This is reflected in her current work, along with her meticulous attention to detail.

In the future, she hopes to take her work on a social transformation trajectory, working and creating alongside those who are less advantaged, but who have a similar passion for creativity.

I absolutely adore my beautiful pendant. Suzanne is very very talented at her ceramics. Thank you Suzanne!
— Harriet Bruins