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Kensal Rise
London, England,
United Kingdom

Suzanne Elisabeth is a jewellery line of ceramic pendants and earrings that are handmade. There for each item is one of a kind.

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The Jewellery

The Jewellery

Model wearing a Suzanne Elisabeth Jewellery porcelain pendant with gold lustre in London.

What makes Suzanne Elisabeth Jewellery so valuable, is not only the stunning materials used to create them, but the process behind making them. Suzanne makes the jewellery from a block of clay and transforms it into unique piece of art, that one can then wear and feel stunning in doing so.

Suzanne is self-taught and the jewellery you see here is the result of many years of researching, experimenting, failing and trying again, until a high standard of artistry is reached.

Each piece has been carefully designed and then created over many weeks’ worth of work.

Some are made from parian, a type of porcelain clay and others from black stoneware clay. The clay has been rolled, cut, painted, glazed and fired.

Some are made by selecting flowers and leaves which are carefully pressed into the clay and the remaining imprint is then painted.

Others have been delicately hand painted with geometric designs.

The most precious of all are the ones with lustre containing either platinum or gold which has been applied to the surface. They are then finished with sterling silver, gold filled or carat gold findings.

The process is extensive but worth it once the final stage has been completed and what you have is a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Inspiration Behind the Collections

Suzanne is from South Africa and draws much of her inspiration from her upbringing in the countryside there. In the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, the hills and valleys are rich in natural beauty and scenic views. The colours of the houses and the clothes of the people are bright and bold. The sunrises and sunsets are dramatic, and the summer storms are frequent and intense. The province is home to the Zulu people and so her collection’s names come from isiZulu.

There are four collections of Suzanne Elisabeth Jewellery. Namely, the eGoli, iKhaya, Imbali and Nenhle Collections.


eGoli means ‘Place of Gold’ and is the name for the pieces of Suzanne’s jewellery that have been decorated with gold lustre. It is also the alternative name for Johannesburg, a vibrant South African city which is know for its gold mines.


iKhaya means ‘Home’. The striking colours of this collection are a reminder of the surrounds and colourful features of Suzanne’s homeland. Many people in the rural lands of Kwa-Zulu Natal paint their houses in bright colours and their washing lines are strung with colourful clothing.


The beautifully sounding word ‘Imbali’ means ‘Flower’. Flowers and leaves are central to Suzanne’s designs. In the Imbali Collection, she uses actual plants to make imprints in the clay.


‘Nenhle’, meaning ‘Elegant’, perfectly describes this collection where the pieces of porcelain jewellery are decorated with platinum lustre.

The most beautiful and original jewellery
— Bonnie Brunton